Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!
I'd LOVE the opportunity to share some of my new favorite items with y'all, beginning with this super comfortable, flowy Believer. Lover. Mother. tee. This is such a great reminder that our faith comes first (Believer.), then our role as wife (Lover.) AND THEN our role as parent (Mother.).  So often we feel that our faith, as well as our marriage and friendships should take a back seat and we should throw ourselves wholly into our children's lives when this is not the case at all! A strong relationship with God will always be the best foundation to build a healthy, long-lasting marriage on.  Once the house of your marriage has been built on the foundation of your relationship with God, you begin to fill the rooms with children.  We have to remember that without our steady faith we have NOTHING but a crumbled house and up-rooted children. You can find your own amazing tee here at Ruthie Grace Boutique, one of our favorite TLB retailers!!
Another new MUST HAVE is one of these monogrammed clutches from Grateful bags!
The creator of the line, Jenny Ross, believes in starting each day with gratitude, giving back, and chasing your dreams.  A bag created specifically for you is such a great reminder! Mine is nude with a metallic gold front plate. It goes with every single thing! I've carried it everywhere from black tie events to the grocery store and love that it can be thrown into my daily bag and holds all of my necessities.  You can have yours created HERE.
To round out this outfit, the VIP guest to the ultimate arm party is a monogrammed bracelet by Stacy Brown Designs! Stacy is a beautiful, believing mama and has created MANY monogrammed pieces not only for myself but also ones I've given as gifts and all of my girls love her hand lettered, and sometimes entirely hand PAINTED gifts as well!  Every item she's done for me has been PERFECT! You can find so many treasures HERE!
Have a blessed weekend, everyone!