Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!
Everyone has those key items that hold a special part in your daily beauty routine; the ones you just couldn't live without and wonder how you made it in this life without them.  I'd love to share mine with you!
Getting ready is a process.  It can either be a hectic "OMG my kids aren't dressed, I look homeless and have to be out out of the house in 15 minutes" ordeal, or one you actually ENJOY. Today we're going with the latter.  
The best way to start prepping for your day is to say a prayer of thanks for the day you've been given, then make the most of it.  I'm so glad I was introduced to Faithful Scents.  These candles are so calming and soothing and really make you take a minute to just breathe.  My favorite is the Rustic Mulberry.  This is a candle you truly enjoy instead of light and just walk away.  These are hand poured, 100% soy and made right here in Texas by a true Believer! You can find them here, or on instagram: @FaithfulScents
Now that your mind is cleared you're ready to tackle the rest of your routine!  I've often been asked about maintaining super blonde hair and am so glad to have found my PERFECT remedy in Pureology's Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo and conditioner.  This is the BEST for color treated blondes, even if you're a sun bunny and out in the elements and chlorine every day like I am.  No brass, no drying, and NO GREEN! Life saver! You can pick yours up at a salon near you!
I can't give all credit to my products, though, because it all starts with an AMAZING Stylist! I'm so lucky to have found Jen, who is a miracle worker.  This girl is not afraid to take risks and I'm always EXSTATIC when I leave her chair! 
 Jen is located at The Knot in Keller, Texas.  If you're anywhere near the vicinity you should give her a call! (Even if you're not, she's worth the drive and I have friends who come from all over who can testify!) You can also find her on Instagram: @JenBunnyyyyy
I want to shout from the rooftops about these soaps! Sparrow Soaps are hand crafted by two amazing families in Connecticut.  Their mission is incredibly inspiring.  They somehow manage to spread The Word and share God's light while also creating an amazing product that is beautiful, colorful, amazing for your skin, and all natural.  The most amazing part? The Lemongrass Sage bar smells DIVINE.  My favorite message of theirs:
"God also numbers the hairs on our head. So if He knows about our trivial (unimportant) hair then certainly He knows our thoughts, feelings, trials, fears, hopes, dreams, desires and so much more. All this intimate knowledge Heavenly Father has for us is just one of the many demonstrations of Gods love for us."
You can find them here, or on Instragram: @SparrowSoaps
The hunt for the perfect foundation is over! I absolutely love the look of airbrushed foundation done by a professional, but we don't all have the luxury of having one in-house daily. (OH to DREAM!)  This is the next best thing!  Dior Airflash is a spray foundation that takes seconds to apply and gives you a photo-ready finish in no time without being too matte, too shiny, or just too much. (If you prefer more coverage, you can spray it onto a sponge and dab it over your problem areas for a more controlled, opaque application.)  I pick this up at Nordstrom, but you can find it here as well.
Last, but certainly not least, is my new go-to scent for summer.  Zara's Apple Juice is summer condensed into a bottle.  It's crisp and clean with fruity undertones, and light enough for every day wear.  Absolutely delicious.
I hope you've found some new favorites for yourself!