Too Pretty to Act Ugly

Posted on 03 October 2016

Beauty isn't about having a pretty face; it's about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and a pretty soul. 
Mean Girls.
We know them, we've been victimized by them. Most of us have BEEN THEM a time or two. It's so easy to tear someone down, especially when there's a computer involved. 
With kids of my own I can't help but wonder what can be done to slow down, if not stop this escalation in hate? What can we as women do to set better examples? After much discussion and prayer, I've come up with the Too Pretty to Act Ugly campaign. 
You can watch and share the video HERE
Please share this movement with everyone you love. God has placed this on my heart, and the only way we can stop this vicious cycle is to start a new one. Compliment each other. Smile at someone you don't know. Let your inner light shine, and hope that it spreads like wildfire. After all...You're too Pretty to Act Ugly. 
Proverbs 16:24
Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. 

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  • Haley Baxter: February 07, 2016

    Hello hello! I’m Haley Baxter, VP Membership Education of the Eta Zeta Kappa Delta Chaoter at the University of North Florida! I just want to say how much I LOVE this platform and campaign. Every girl is TOO pretty to act ugly. We have no room for it. It is an empowering stance that I believe Kappa Delta and the Panhellenic community of sorority life should stand beside. If you could email me with the email provided, I would love to talk about ordering your shirts for my whole chapter as well as seeing if you would be willing to visit our campus as a campus speaker and or Skype us if you could not come to campus! Please contact me as soon as you can!!!:)

  • Chloe H. : November 29, 2015

    Love this post. And the bible verse to go along with it. Too pretty to act ugly! Definitely true.

  • Melinda: October 04, 2015

    I LOVE this movement you have encouraged! How can I be apart of it! What a beautiful and breath taking love to shine upon others!
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Forever!

  • Jessica Mabry: October 03, 2015

    Ali – this is the most beautiful movement and is so incredibly powerful. Thank you for sharing. I hope that by sharing your message, I can help in your campaign. Thank you for being such a beautiful person.

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