• Brand Influencers

    Exciting news! We are opening up our Brand Influencer program to a select few applicants, those who love our brand, wear our tees religiously and are looking for a way to share their faith while making a little extra money! If you love what our brand stands for,  and feel like you have the platfo... View Post

    This collection is about more than just a shirt to us. It's a vision we have had on our hearts to share with the world that as women, you ARE enough, exactly how God made you. To watch how we brought our vision to life, click here: THEN GOD MADE A WOMAN VIDEO (grab your tissues!!) View Post
  • Live in the Grey

    I’m not sure about you but my life has not exactly gone according to my grand plan. I found a list from when I was in 6th grade that said “My Future.” I’ll summarize or you’ll stop reading after Johnathan Taylor Thomas is mentioned for the third time… View Post