Paris, TX - a podcast

When Broadway with •Paris Tx, a Podcast• reached out to me to be a guest my first thought was “who would want to hear about me?” Upon talking to Ali and the rest of our circle I was so encouraged to share my story! I walked into this meeting with NOTES and presented them to Broadway with bullet points I wanted to make during our time and these were quickly dismissed as he prefers to have a more organic conversation. Time to panic. You see, I’ve had a broken road to becoming the Christian I am today. My friend Molly has a good term she uses: “oh she’s NEW in her faith” and it’s so true! I wasn’t raised in the church. My family has been hurt by “those Christians”. You know them, the judgey ones who go to war “on God’s behalf” and just end up pushing people way.

So by sheer absence I don’t know the Bible songs that we sing to the kids in children’s church, but I’m learning them and am anxious to teach them to my kids. I don’t have the verses in my head to just pull out when needed, but I have the Holy Bible app on my phone to reference! (Nice try)

Maybe being a late blooming Christian is what makes me so accepting of others? I feel like knowing that He loves ME means He has an open heart for all.

Listen to this week’s podcast HERE to hear a deeper dive into my story, my feelings on Kanye sharing gospel, and then be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any more! Broadway, the host and creator is who shot our God Made a Woman video! We talk a little behind-the-scenes in this episode!

Lauren Woodard lives in Paris,TX and is the wholesale director here at The Light Blonde. She’s a wife & mother, but above all else, a believer. Follow Lauren at @laurenRwoodard on Instagram for inspirational posts, hair tips, and to see someone who I bet has more kids & dogs than you.